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2018 Honda CR-V Hybrid Price, Release Date and Specs

2018 Honda C-RV hybrid becomes the first brand electrified SUV power train available in Europe. The Honda CR-V Hybrid system has a conventional gearbox, instead of using a fixed gear ratio, aiming to achieve more ideal weight and size.

2018 Honda CR-V Hybrid offers 3 different modes of work: Engine Drive – Operation mode of a fuel-driven engine, while an electric motor serves as a reinforcement when necessary; EV Drive – Using Electric as the main driver with zero emission levels; Hybrid Drive – Operation mode of the machine, the fuel engine supplies electricity to the motor power plant, then electric power is transferred to the electric motor;

2017 Honda CR-V

2017 Honda CR-V

System will automatically switch between the three drive modes, depending on the condition and the way the car is driven. Honda suggests using EV Drive and hybrid drive mode for maximized fuel efficiency, especially driving in city that usually use a low speed. While Drive Engine Mode is used for driving activities that require high speed.

The CR-V hybrid will feature unique exterior design details that distinguish it from non-hybrid variants. Exterior View 2018 Honda CR-V Hybrid adopts a sportier look and more upscale.

2018 Honda CR-V Hybrid Engine

Japanese car manufacturer is pinning the system adopted by the previous Accord Hybrid system Honda Sport Hybrid i-MMD. The I-MMD (Intelligent multi-mode Drive) two-motor frame in the new half and half models contains 2.0-liter I-VTEC four barrel per barrel and different generating power generators as well as an independent electric motor generator, producing a final output of 212 hp and 212 lb-ft twist.

Power generated from 2018 Honda CR-V hybrid is quite promising, considering the non-hybrid CR-V version offered by Honda produces only 190 horsepower and 179 lb-ft of torque.

The propelled electric propulsion version enables the achievement of better fuel efficiency.


2017 Honda CR-V Engine

2017 Honda CR-V Engine

2018 Honda CR-V Hybrid Specs and Changes

2018 Honda CR-V Hybrid Offering passenger-side voice control system controls, besides that on the passenger side will be spoiled by the seven-inch touch screen entertainment using the Android operating system with sat-nav, Apple CarPlay and Android Vehicle and climate control for the two zones.

Inside, Honda ensures the best upscale interior and back room, with high quality materials and “much more complicated sewed seats “.

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Security technologies are also included in the 2018 CR-V Hybrid, ranging from advanced collision warnings, collision mitigation braking, exploration assistance as well as cruise line control and auto spotlights. Not less important in the security features of the blind-spot warning to the driver is also pinned on 2018 CRV-Hybrid.

2017 Honda CR-V Interior

2017 Honda CR-V Interior

2018 Honda CR-V Hybrid Release Date and Price Forecast

Honda CR-V Hybrid is expected to enter the US market  at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show in December, 2017 or in Detroit in  early 2018. The price range set for the Honda CR-V Hybrid is estimated to be in the range of $ 34,000.

Note: the picture above is 2017 model year

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